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Broken links, also called Dead Links, are the hyperlinks on websites that aren't working because the website is experiencing one of the mentioned reasons.

The main reasons for broken links

Page Not Found This error happens when the website has been moved or isn't present in the database. For specific types of errors, make use of an error-checker 404.

400 Bad Request When a visitor has entered an incorrect URL and this error is triggered, it will happen.

Poor URL An incorrect URL (e.g. incorrect method, additional slashes or a bracket that is missing or bracket, etc.)

Poor Code Unvalid HTTP response codes: server response is in conflict with HTTP specifications.

Invalid hostname when the server has an address that is no longer in use.

Timeout the error happens when HTTP request is continuously timed out during the link checking

Dead Link Checker crawls around your site and finds errors with 404 which you must fix. Examine your website's internal and external links using Our Link Analyzer together with their no following or follow attributes.

Broken links harm your SEO

We all know , an effective SEO strategy is essential to increasing traffic to your website, and site owners try using different methods to accomplish this. But, if a visitor goes to your site and discovers a number of hyperlinks that are dead on your website pages, what would be his opinion about your site? Naturally, he'll not be happy and not return to your site. This could ruin all efforts that one has put in to get the attention of Internet users.

Broken links can be extremely detrimental to SEO of a website; people are annoyed in the event that they don't receive the information they require from your site. The reputation of a website could be damaged by these backlinks. People are likely to avoid your website which could affect the traffic to your website. However, you don't have to be worried because you can utilize our amazing online site test to identify all broken links on your site within a matter of minutes.


Follow these steps to utilize our Broken Link Checker

  • Input your URL in the box of text.
  • Once you've entered your URL After entering your URL, click"From there," click on the "Get Broken Links" button beneath the"text box.
  • After you're finished the online link checker can complete the task for you. In just a few seconds, you'll receive the bad links free of charge for the URL that you typed. The results will include total URLs and OK URLs as well as Broken URLs.


Our online broken link checker lets you identify dead links on your website without trouble. If you're a site owner who is trying to increase the position of your website it is essential to find and remove all backlinks from your pages within a short period of time. These dead links could damage your site's popularity and lead to a drastic drop in traffic to your website. Dead links could affect the quality of your site's:

User Experience

the website's visitors are the most important factor in the success of a website. However, if the visitors don't get the necessary information or encounter unresponsive links when they visit a website page, it could alter their experience, and they might not visit your website. It also discourages new visitors from coming to your website, which could result in the loss of potential traffic.


dead links could ruin the image of a website quickly as the website appears to be outdated and filled with dead links that can negatively impact your credibility as a site. Your reputation could be damaged online since bad links can send a negative message to your customers that you are not concerned about your clients


the main purpose behind creating the site is to earn revenue, however the financial aspects of a site can be severely affected by the loss of huge traffic because of these dead hyperlinks. Your site's rank and ranking in Google as well as other engines is likely to decline. Page Authority Checker shows how well your website is performing on Google's search engine.

It is possible to get around the issues with our amazing online website broken link checker, without trouble. The process of locating all dead links on websites is not an easy task since there could be thousands of broken links in one web page. However, our online broken link checker for websites lets you find broken links in a short time, and lets you remove them without hesitation. Examine the factors that affect the performance of your website by using our no-cost Page Speed Checker on your site.




找不到页面当网站已被移动或数据库中不存在时,会发生此错误。对于特定类型的错误,请使用错误检查器 404。

400 Bad Request当访问者输入了错误的 URL 并触发此错误时,就会发生这种情况。

糟糕的 URL不正确的 URL(例如不正确的方法、额外的斜杠或缺少括号或括号等)

不良代码HTTP 响应代码无效:服务器响应与 HTTP 规范冲突。



死链接检查器在您的网站周围爬行,并发现您必须修复的 404 错误。使用我们的链接分析器检查您网站的内部和外部链接以及它们的无关注或关注属性。

损坏的链接会损害您的 SEO

众所周知,有效的 SEO 策略对于增加网站流量至关重要,网站所有者尝试使用不同的方法来实现这一目标。但是,如果访问者访问您的网站并在您的网站页面上发现了一些已失效的超链接,那么他对您的网站有何看法?自然,他不会高兴并且不会返回您的网站。这可能会毁掉一个人为引起互联网用户注意所做的所有努力。

损坏的链接可能对网站的 SEO 极为不利;如果人们没有从您的站点收到他们需要的信息,他们会很生气。这些反向链接可能会损害网站的声誉。人们可能会避开您的网站,这可能会影响您网站的流量。但是,您不必担心,因为您可以利用我们惊人的在线网站测试在几分钟内识别您网站上的所有损坏链接。

使用我们网站的步骤 BROKEN Link Checker


  • 在文本框中输入您的 URL。
  • 输入 URL 输入 URL 后,单击“从那里”,单击“文本框下方的“获取损坏的链接”按钮。
  • 完成后,在线链接检查器可以为您完成任务。在几秒钟内,您将免费收到您键入的 URL 的错误链接。结果将包括 URL 总数和 OK URL 以及损坏的 URL。








创建站点的主要目的是赚取收入,但是由于这些死链接,大量流量的损失可能会严重影响站点的财务方面。您的网站在 Google 和其他引擎中的排名和排名可能会下降。Page Authority Checker显示您的网站在 Google 搜索引擎上的表现。

使用我们惊人的在线网站断开链接检查器可以轻松解决问题。定位网站上所有死链接的过程并非易事,因为一个网页中可能有数千个断开的链接。但是,我们的网站在线断开链接检查器可让您在短时间内找到断开的链接,并让您毫不犹豫地删除它们。通过在您的网站上使用我们免费的Page Speed Checker 来检查影响您网站性能的因素。

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